fallenangel5505 (fallenangel5505) wrote in br0k3nxdoll,

Name/nickname:Keri/Spazz, Spazzit, Spazzle
State(country): charlotte, NC, USA
How did you find this community?:under 'slipknot'
What are things you like to do?:read comments, get comments, make new lj friends, go out to eat with funny old men, chill with my man, skate, play guitar, sing, draw, write, cut.
Will you follow the rules above?:ofcourse
Do you own an community?:nope
If so, which one?:NA
If not, are you apart of many?:well sort of, but not active in them, except the good ones. this is a good one :)
Would you tell anybody about MY community?:yes, bc it rocks
Would you (question above) even though it sucked?:
i dunno, depends one how bad it sucked:D
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